Mortuary Services

Oahu Mortuary’s experienced staff are here to assist your family with honoring your loved one. Our licensed embalmers are caring, compassionate and masters of their craft.Our services include:

Natural Viewing:

Recommended within 3 to 5 days of passing, no embalming, private family viewing for 30 or 60 minutes.

"Minimal" Dressing:

Professional and compassionate level of care including bathing, dressing and cosmetology.

Special Care:

Special care and handling may be required when performing preparation services for your loved one. These situations may be necessary in the event your loved one has had an post mortem examination or may need additional restoration for viewing.

Receiving & Forwarding of Remains:

In the event that your loved one needs to be transported to outer islands, mainland or another country- we are well versed and can provide services. We are also readily available to receive your loved one- who may be transported to the island of Oahu.

Climate Controlled Care Facilities:

Your loved one will be held in our climate controlled area until the time of service or final disposition. The first 7 days of holding is included in our simple cremation package, along with other services provided.

Embalming Policy: Embalming is not required by Hawaii law, however, embalming may be necessary or recommended depending on various factors including the anticipated length of time between the time of passing and day of public or private viewing. Oahu Mortuary has a full time licensed embalmer on staff.