Permanent Memorialization

Oahu Cemetery has ground plots, niches and crypts available. Please call or visit for more information.

A Consistent Place of Healing

A Historic and Perpetual Place of Healing 

Founded in 1844, O'ahu Cemetery is Hawaii's oldest public cemetery. The site originally named Nuuanu Cemetery, and was established at the height of the whaling era to meet the need for a public burial ground for Honolulu's rapidly growing foreign population.

O'ahu Cemetery preserves the historic elements of a time when cemeteries became, not only places of mourning, but also places for those wanting to experience the peacefulness and serenity of a beautiful park.

Oahu Cemetery & Crematory provides families with exceptional settings for the permanent memorials of their loved ones This setting in historic Nuuanu Valley is a perfect place for families to return, year after year, in remembrance and honor.

Sometimes one family member wants to be buried and another wishes to be cremated, yet they want to be together. Because we know this to be a common wish, Oahu Cemetery Association makes it simple for families. We can easily arrange for a common burial of both your loved ones in the same plot.

We would be honored to guide you through the cemetery grounds, explore your perspectives, and make suggestions. Ultimately, the decision is in your hands; but our expertise can certainly guide you.