What's Happening?

Oahu Mortuary is pleased to offer a wide variety of both on-going and seasonal events within the community. We invite you to return often to see what’s coming up on our calendar. If you’d like to keep up-to-date, we invite you to visit or call (808) 538-1538.

Cemetery Pupu Theatre

Hawaiian Mission Houses Historic Site and Archives presents it's highly popular Cemetery Pupu Theatre series with a new set of historical characters and script written by actor and screenwriter, Zachary Thomas Woods, BFA. Attracting larger crowds with each production, Hawaiian Mission Houses discovers stories from the lives of prominent Hawaii residents and brings those stories back to life.  What do sailors, captains, and denizens of the sea have to say about their lives in Hawai'i and the seas in which they sailed? Enjoy dramatic and historic performances in a cemetery setting while enjoying flavored ono pupu and drinks.

Checke back for dates.