Unique Ownership Structure

O’ahu Cemetery is unique in that it is owned by our Niche, Plot & Crypt owners.  The Niche, Plot and Crypt owners essentially own both O’ahu Cemetery and O’ahu Mortuary.

O’ahu Mortuary is a wholly owned subsidiary of O’ahu CemeteryO’ahu Cemetery and O’ahu mortuary are governed by our Volunteer Board of Trustees and Director respectively.  

O’ahu Mortuary is operated in support of O’ahu Cemetery.  100% of O’ahu Mortuary’s net income flows to O’ahu Cemetery, a Non-Profit 501(c)(13) organization, in support of it’s two missions:

  • Maintain Historic O’ahu Cemetery in perpetuity for the benefit of its Plot, Niche and Crypt owners
  • Provide affordable end of life care to Hawaii’s residents. 

Essentially, when Plot, Niche and Crypt owners at O’ahu Cemetery utilize the services of O’ahu Mortuary they are:

  • Perpetuating the care of their family members who are interred at O’ahu Cemetery
  • Helping to keep the cost of end of life care the lowest in the State of Hawaii for the benefit of themselves, family members and Hawaii’s  residents.

One Time Charge for Plots, Niches and Crypts (No maintenance charges after purchase):

When a family purchases a Plot, Niche or Crypt at O’ahu Cemetery, there is only a one time charge at the time of purchase and NO FUTURE CHARGES for the maintenance of the Plot Niche or Crypt.  Note that a portion of the purchase price is invested in a perpetual care trust.  

O’ahu Cemetery is maintained in perpetuity from:

  • The earnings of the perpetual care trust 
  • The revenues generated from cemetery operations i.e. open and closing fees, headstone sales and chapel rental etc.
  • Net income from O’ahu Mortuary, a wholly owned subsidiary of O’ahu Cemetery